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Importance Of Thermal Printers

Thermal printer can be defined as a printer in which fine heated pins form characters on heat-sensitive paper. The thermal printer technique was applied  to the fax machine based on the simple principle of using the heat to convert the data into the printer signal and then into the desired output.




The legendary personality who has provided you with the instant printer quality needs to be saluted. He is the great Kilby. He was awarded the Nobel Prize in the year 2000. He also invented the semi- conductor based thermal printer in the year 1965 and was applauded for his creativity in the genre of fast moving technology.




The classifications of thermal printers based on the kinds of technology on which it work are:

  1. Thermal Transfer

They are used like a desktop model to industry level models. They require lower heat settings. The technology includes the matching of labels with ribbons in order to produce the best quality images.  They use ink ribbons made of wax, resin, or a blend of wax and resin.

  1. Direct thermal

They do not require ink ribbonIt works on a special layer beneath the label surface.  They are not resistant to UV rays and therefore are not meant for long term use. It is easy to set up and within the budget range of normal consumer.

  1. Laser & Inkjet printer

The durability depends upon the temperature varying from the indoor to the wet temperature.



  1. Print Speed boost up

The speed of the thermal printers is much faster than other printers. It can create images in milli seconds and thus, the time restraint is not the problem in the thermal printers.

  1. Reduction in the maintenance cost

The repair of this kind of printers is not required that frequently. Therefore, the cost of maintenance will be very less. Moreover, they are reliable and durable. The capital expenditure once incurred will benefit you for the long time.

  1. Better print quality

The images produced are clear, vivid and sharp. They are resistant to factors like oils, environment factors and UV rays etc.

  1. Reduction in the cost of printing

The working pattern of the thermal printers do not require the cartridges and ribbons. The thermal printing process would save the cost incurring owing to the use of these consumables . The process of working of thermal printers use the heat to produce images and they are inkless.

  1. No interruptions

The use of thermal printers has done away with issue of the paper jams and breakdowns as the thermal printer works based on the heat. Further, there are not much moving parts in the thermal printer.



  1. Creating Labels

Because of their characteristic to produce the durable images, they are often used in the tagging of the clothes. The mages printed as the labels will stand the environmental factors like water, sunlight, heat etc.

  1. POS terminal system
  2. Banking System
  3. Medical equipment
  4. To create Barcodes

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